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10 x 100g pack can be ordered below at the online shop.
(For deliveries outside of England and Wales please get in contact)

Larger orders

If you are a farm shop / small shop, and would like 30-50 bags please contact a member of the team.


Order despatchEs are on Tuesday.

All orders placed are dispatched on Tuesdays, typically arriving the next day.


More information

Your watercress will be harvested on the day of dispatch, packaged into a insulated box, with an ice pack. It will be delivered on a 24hrs leave at doorstep service.

If you are not in your delivery will be left on your doorstep. You could leave an old cool box out with instructions for the driver or ask a neighbour to put it somewhere cool.  There is no insurance cover on the parcel, sorry we cannot take any responsibility.

As soon as you get your parcel please take the cress from the box, leave in the bag and put in the refrigerator.

If you think 10 bags is too much, take a look at our website, where you will find many recipes, such as;  salads, watercress smoothies, our famous watercress & mushroom lasagne or our delicious  watercress soup.

All cooked Watercress recipes can be frozen, so no waste!

Watercress has a 10 day fridge life.

10 x 100g bags of Watercress

Freshly grown watercress from Chalke Valley Watercress.
Price includes Postage.


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“We were very pleased to see how we’ve managed to introduce watercress in to a lot of our daily meals, with barely any wasted watercress from our first 10 packs.. We’ve been making Watercress smoothies for breakfast ensuring we start the day healthy! (May we recommend adding blueberry, curly kale, apples, hemp protein and chia seeds!). We would recommend adding watercress to your diet.

We were very happy with the high quality packing of the watercress.” – Anna Balogh-Wade, Salisbury